The Benefice of the Orwell


The Ministry team is headed by the Revd Felicity Couch, Rector of the Orwell Group of Parishes. She is assisted by one Licenced Lay Minister (LLM) and three Authorised Lay Ministers (ALM). Each member of the ministry team offers their own particular skills to promote and develop the ministry of God's word.

All members of the Ministry Team who are working with children or vulnerable adults will also have undergone an enhanced CRB check and some have undergone additional Safeguarding training

Revd Felicity Couch
Rector of the Orwell Group of Churches

Malcolm Barrett
Licenced Lay Minister (LLM or Reader)

Licenced Lay Ministers (or Readers) are men and women who have undergone theological training for three years and who hold the Church of England's Reader Certificate. In addition Malcolm has undergone training for taking funerals, the burial of ashes, taking Communion to the sick and in an emergency leading Communion by Extension.

Consequently an LLM can lead services, preach, as well as assist and preach at the Eucharist. An LLM can also be found working in areas where additional training has been undertaken. Normally this is within the parishes the LLM lives amongst, but an LLM can also be called upon to work anywhere across the home diocese (e.g. the Diocese of Ely) or with a Bishop's permission anywhere within the worldwide Anglican Church.

Authorised Lay Ministers (ALM) are men and women that have been trained to develop their personal skills and to bring them to God's service within the church. ALM's do a year's training which has some days shared by everyone training in that year and other sessions that are particular to the specialism chosen.

Mary Stapleton
Authorised Lay Minister - Music Ministry

Mary was already organist and choir leader for Barrington and naturally chose music as her specialism. One of the specialist modules included resourcing music for worship and ensuring that the music chosen is seasonal. The content of other modules included items such as running a choir, working musically with children in church, and using a variety of different instruments in worship, as well as a session on the theology of music and the use of plainchant.

'Homework' consisted of attending worship in as wide a variety of churches as possible and assessing their musical strengths and weaknesses. There was also long term projects where the aim was to review various Eucharistic settings and to make a full study of how a pipe organ works.

Re-authorization of this ministry occurs every four years.

Mary now works across the Benefice providing musical skills on both a regular and occasional basis as well as organising and rehearsing the Benefice choir.

Hilda Tattersall
Authorised Lay Minister - Pastoral Ministry (Healing)

Hilda lives in the parish of Barrington and during the one year training course chose pastoral care as her specialism. Whilst living in Foxton, approximately thirty years ago, she undertook a Certificate in Pastoral Care run by the Focus Christian Institute at St. James Church in Wolfson Way in Cambridge. The ALM course built on that foundation of skills.

Her specialism originally was Baptism Counselling when her own children were young. In the intervening years her interest in working with children has continued, especially in the teaching of children with dyslexia. She is now actively involved with helping to run Messy Church.

Hilda will visit anyone in the Benefice who requests a visit and she visits parishioners when they are sick or in hospital. Part of her training was also in bereavement counselling. She is also authorised to administer home communion, with the Rector's initial supervision, if requested.

Wayne Talbot
Authorised Lay Minister - Social Awareness Ministry

Images of the Ministry Team

The Ministry Team: Malcolm, Mary and Hilda

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