The Benefice of the Orwell


A new pattern of services started in January 2016 these are now our regular services

1st Sunday of the month
8.15am Barrington. Eucharist.
9.30am Croydon. Eucharist.
9.30am Orwell. Eucharist
11.00am Wimpole. Matins
6.00pm Barrington. Evensong.

2nd Sunday of the month
10.00am Benefice Eucharist. This service will rotate around the parishes with any fifth Sunday service

3rd Sunday of the month
9.30am Barrington. Eucharist
9.30am Wimpole. Eucharist (alternates each month between Common Worship and BCP)
11.00am Croydon (alternates each month between Eucharist and Service of the Word)
11.00am Orwell. Lets Worship (All Age service).
4.00pm Arrington. Service of the Word

4th Sunday of the month
9.30am Arrington. Eucharist.
11.00am Barrington. Worship Together (All Age service)
6pm Orwell. Evensong.

5th and 2nd Sunday of the month

Any fifth Sunday service and each second Sunday service will rotate around the parishes - Croydon (January, May, August and November), Orwell (January May and December), Wimpole (February, June and September), Arrington (March, July and October), Barrington (April,July and October). The fifth and second Sunday Services all start at 10am


The Eucharist: A Eucharist is a service in two parts where Christians celebrate the last meal that Jesus had with his disciples before being tried and then nailed on the cross. It is the most important service of the week.

It consists of songs of praise, prayer, as well as readings from the bible, a short talk (sermon) of about ten minutes that nearly always draws it subject from the readings. The second part of the service is given over to the sharing of the bread and wine. The whole service lasts about an hour and all our welcome. Many of these Eucharist services have light refreshments served afterwards where people can meet and talk together.

The service uses Common Worship as distinct from Book of Common Prayer(BCP). Common Worship uses modern language and an interactive responsive structure.

BCP Eucharists or Holy Communion use formal language using 17th century language and structure.

Evening and Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer:
Morning Prayer is a short period of spoken prayer to start the day. It uses a structure that has a Psalm and readings from the bible, the prayers are led but there is also ample opportunity for individuals to offer their own prayer either out loud or inwardly. The service lasts about 20 minutes.

Evening Prayer:
Evening Prayer has a structure that may or may not include a sung psalm. It has readings from the bible, a short response or talk, hymns and prayers that respond to concerns in the world and the community. It uses modern language and last about 45 minutes.

All Age services
All Age services are designed to encourage all ages to contribute to the whole pattern of the service. The service uses modern language and lasts about 45 minutes.

Evensong and Matins
Evensong and Matins are formal periods of prayer for the morning and the evening. They use BCP for their structure and the language is from the 17th century.

There are readings from the bible as well as a short talk (a sermon of no more than 10 minutes), hymns and prayer and sometimes an anthem may be sung by the choir.

Evensong uses formal prayer but also other prayer that is led in modern language that relates to current concerns in the world and community. The whole service lasts about 45 minutes.

Matins only use the State Prayers and a General Thanksgiving or the Prayer of St Chrysostom.

This is a short meditative service of about 20 minutes for the end of the day. It has no address.


There is a midweek Eucharist on the third Sunday of the month at 10.30am in Clifden Close Community Rooms in Arrington. Please go to Arrington to see details. There is also a united (Methodist and Anglican) midweek service of a short address prayers and hymns in the Lordship Close Community rooms in Orwell on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 11am. Tea and coffee is provided after the services in each place.


Currently we have no Sunday School provision, although we welcome children to all our services, and in Orwell and Barrington we have an area for children to sit and play. "Let's Worship" in Orwell and "Worship Together" in Barrington are 'All Age' service with activities for children.


Messy Church is for Families that cannot always attend on a Sunday. Craft Activities and refreshments play a central role in the activities. Messy church is currently operating from Barrington Church on a monthly basis.
The dates and themes for 2017 are:-

25th January 'New Start - Noah and the Ark"
22nd February 'Sarah and Abraham - promise of descendants
22nd March 'Joseph - Josephs coated Egypt'
19th April 'Easter - New Life in Jesus'
24th May 'Pentecost - Coming of the Spirit'
28th June 'Moses - plagues and the Red Sea'
26th July 'Joshua - shouting down the walls'
23rd August Picnics '-Feeding of the 5000'
27th September 'Bible Mountains - Jesus praying on mountains'
25th October ' Bible Roads - Journeys and hard times'
22nd November 'Bible seasides - building on sand'
13th December 'The Christmas story'

and start at 3.30pm. Just after School!


Morning Prayer is said
each Tuesday in Arrington at 08.00am
each Wednesday in Orwell at 07.30am
each Friday in Barrington at 08.00am
each Saturday in Croydon at 09.00am

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